Hotmail Login Steps access

Initial years the login steps for Hotmail were simple. One could access their Hotmail account in the following ways:

  1. They could type in or in their web browser.
  2. This would lead them to Hotmail main page or MSN homepage respectively.
  3. There would be a login panel where one could sign in using their sign-in details.
  4. There was an option to stay logged in by checking the option provided. This was recommended when one signed into their account from a dedicated computer.

The above steps helped Hotmail users to log into their account easily. However, there were certain login security aspects that were often compromised. As the password creation process was simple and not restrictive, many people found their Hotmail accounts easily hacked into. Again, other security measures such as spam filtering, virus scanning features were not adequate.

Many people who wish to create a new Hotmail account can do so by logging onto the unified Outlook domain. Here the login panel includes a link to create a new Microsoft account. One can start by choosing a unique username for their account. They can also choose the domain in which they want the email address that can be Outlook or Hotmail. There are other steps to complete remain the same such as choosing a username and password. However the password creation process needs to be followed as per the guidelines provided. One also needs to fill in additional details like first and last name, country of residence and provide an alternate email address and phone number to enable the two step verification process for their new account.

Those who already have existing Hotmail accounts can simply follow the steps mentioned below to log into their Hotmail account through the new domain. The new web mail interface and other integration features are new but one will find that their old Hotmail correspondence remains the same and can be easily arranged into a clutter free email inbox with the help of the new features offered on the new web mail domain.

Sign in Hotmail account step by step

Today the Hotmail users can sign into their account by following the steps below:

  • They need to visit Alternatively, even if one types in or in their web browser, they will be redirected to
  • Here one will find a unified panel for logging into any Microsoft account.
  • This should not confuse users of Hotmail accounts. They simply need to key in their full Hotmail email address on the username field.
  • The next page requires the users to key in their account password.
  • Once this step is completed, one will gain access to their email inbox.
  • The inbox layout is changed as per the new and modern Outlook web mail design. However, all aspects of one’s old Hotmail account remain the same and simply come with enhanced features and amenities.

Security Features for Logging into Hotmail Account

One can choose to stay logged in through this new login interface as one did with the old Hotmail web page. Additionally, there are certain enhanced login security features that ensure that one has a secure Hotmail account to access from multiple devices. The advanced security features for logging into one’s Hotmail account are as follows:

  • One needs to create an account password that is at least eight characters long and of alphanumeric combination.
  • One can choose to activate the two step verification process on their account. For this they need to enter additional details in the Security Settings section of their Hotmail account. These comprise of entering an alternate email address if it is not already provided. Also, one needs to key in a registered phone number. Once both these details are verified, one can have a backup process established to securely access one’s account as well as have several ways to restore one’s account password.
  • Microsoft also provides an alternate way to access one’s account securely every time one logs into their account. There is an app that one can download on their phone. A security code is sent to this app which can be synced with the device that you wish to use to access your Hotmail account.

Hotmail account issues

The above points showcase how Microsoft has ramped up security measures for its account users. For those who face problems logging into their Hotmail account can use the following solutions:

  • Microsoft has a link provided below the login panel for those who have forgotten their account password.
  • Upon clicking this link one is redirected to another page where they are given a choice of choosing to get a link for resetting password in their alternate email address or to use a security code that is sent as a text message to one’s registered phone number.
  • When either of the procedures is used, one will find that they have provided a link to reset their account password.
  • Once this is done, one can log into their account securely.
  • In order to overcome the problems of forgetting one’s password one can opt to use the security code option to log into their account every time.
  • This overrides the need for an account password; every time one needs to log into their account afresh they can simply get a security code on their phone which can help them log into their account securely. This also reduces the chance of someone else getting access to one’s account password.

The above points showcase how one can ensure a safe and secure access to their Hotmail account. There are additional ways to gain access to one’s Hotmail account. With Outlook launched as an app for most mobile devices one can get an app for their smart phone or tablet. This helps one to synchronize their email account on their mobile devices. One can easily stay logged in and access their Hotmail account on the go.

The new interface by Hotmail

The new Outlook email interface offers several features and amenities to Hotmail account users. By logging in through the same email interface one will find a brand new email inbox to use. This includes the arrangement of emails into different folders and easy categorization of emails. It is easy to access social media accounts as well through the same Hotmail inbox. With Office integration with Outlook, Hotmail account users can use Office tools to attach and edit documents, spreadsheets and presentation files with their email account.

The different services that Microsoft provides such as unlimited storage, cloud storage access on OneDrive, Skype and Xbox account – these and other Microsoft services can all be accessed with the same Hotmail user login id. Hence Microsoft has made Hotmail account ID is more powerful. With revamped security features Hotmail account users are ensured a more secure environment for their email facility. The app provides access to Hotmail account on the go through the unified Outlook domain. These are some ways one can continue to use their Hotmail account.

Those who wish to access their age old Hotmail account; they can do so through the new Outlook email domain that has been launched by Microsoft over the last few years. This web based email service has calendar, tasks, contacts and webmail facilities with a modern interface that is different from the desktop Windows based Outlook that people have been used to. With Outlook having been launched as a webmail service, it brings Hotmail and Outlook together as web based email services that can be accessed by anyone in the world.

Hotmail was introduced by two IT entrepreneurs Jack Smith and Sabeer Bhatia in 1996. At such a time the launch of a free web based email service was a novelty that was an instant hit among users across the world. Soon it was acquired by Microsoft in the following year and made part of MSN. It then came to be known as MSN Hotmail. Microsoft subsequently brought about changes in the Hotmail domain as it integrated Hotmail, MSN and other services under the Live domain. This was then replaced by Outlook as an integrated platform of Microsoft account services, all accessed through this unified domain in 2013.

Benefits of having a Hotmail account

Hotmail under the new Outlook domain provides the users with several benefits such as:

  • Outlook domain has a new metro based design interface that Hotmail account users also experience.
  • There is unlimited storage as well as contacts management and calendar features.
  • Integration with other Microsoft services like Skype, Office Online or OneDrive allow more amenities for Hotmail account users on the Outlook domain platform.
  • Account security features have been ramped up as well as versatile access through mobile apps as well.

Hotmail, at the time it was introduced, signified freedom for the users from ISP based email services that had to be paid for. With Hotmail accounts users experienced freedom to form an account of their choice, and for free; they could access their email accounts from anywhere in the world, as long as they had access to the world wide web through a computer with internet connectivity. The success of Hotmail was instantaneous, having about 8.5 million subscribers within a year of the service being launched.